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Hello Keith!

I’ve been faithfully following your river updates on your site. Looks like a decent season, a little dry, but not too bad. With all these tropical storms still developing in the gulf of Mexico, there will be plenty of rain heading your way. It’s been decently wet here in Bangor…
Well I don’t know if you’re still doing the live release contest, but I read that it can be a picture of a brookie as well. And there you have it! Caught that hog on the Magalloway River in the Rangeley region of Western Maine in June on a dry fly(the fly is in its mouth in the picture). It was 20 inches and about 4 pounds. All the fish in the Magalloway are strictly wild. I give you full permission to use the photo.
I’d love to get up to the Miramichi again, there’s really something magical about that river. I’ve got some unfinished business with a giant that I hooked in Buttermilk last season….
My best regards to you and the Wilson’s family, and to the river and the life it brings to the area.
Tight lines!

–the Loves

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