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Upper Cains River Report Oct 2 nd

Water conditions on the upper Cains are ideal for migrating salmon . Karl is floating from RT 123 bridge to Duffy Brook today in search of “the fall run” . It is probably too early for the upper Cains but one thing sure is that it is the perfect water at the perfect time . The additional rain coming Thursday and Saturday should keep the levels up .


  1. Matt Mersereau says:

    Thanks Keith, Keep the Cains reports comming, I was hoping for good news from the best (or at least my all time fav) rivershed in NB. Glad to hear the water is up, she was a sad sight this summer, almost broke my heart…I’m hoping things will level out and the fishing is good for next week.

    Thanks again, I read this report daily and very much appreciate your insight!


  2. Hi. Anxious to here the Cains report. I love fishing the upper Cains in the fall. I figured with all the rain we had and the boys at Black Brook saying all the fish they hooked on Sunday were heading up the Cains maybe they would be above the 123? Thanks for all your reports.

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