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Ice -out timeing looks good

Ice-out for the Main S.W. Miramichi at Wilson’s looks to be right on time . The river came up several weeks ago after a big weekend snow followed by heavy rain . The ice lifted but did not break up . There appears to be plenty of glades opening each day and we notice the ice thinning . Cooler temps this week will keep things in hold but with the first warm few days and rain we will see movement for sure . The ice stayed in this past winter so with any luck salmon fishing should be good . Wilson’s still has several “prime time” time slots for a few rods and offering some terrific discounts .


  1. Hi There;

    Me and the boy will probably be up there Friday night. sure would be nice to catch a few yellow labs, uh, I mean, salmon.

    What are my chances of that, the salmon I mean?


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