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Upper Cains Report For October 14th

We wrapped up the season on the upper Cains in snow , rain and wind . It was poor fishing but the perfect day for sleeping at the camp with a hot wood fire and a bowl of soup to keep the chill off . Cleve managed to land this nice hen salmon at Sure Shot but very few fish were hitting . A much more disturbing scene was to realize that there were no sea-run trout spawning in front of Leighton camp yet . I have witnessed no less than a dozen redds at this location in many previous years . I hope they are just late for some reason . It will be interesting to see when the salmon hit the redds , stay tuned for a report on the spawning situation .


  1. Hi Keith,
    A little late, but sincere thank you for the reports this fishing season; I always enjoy reading them.
    Just wondering what’s the latest on the spawning situation this fall?
    Paul LeBlanc

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