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Wilson’s Miramichi Spring Fishing Report For April 22nd

April 22nd Wilson's
Wilson’s Miramichi River Spring Fishing report for April 22nd shows the river in great shape . The recent warm weather finally gave us the water we needed to bring things back to normal . It was tough fishing over the weekend due to rising dirty water but it has cleared up nicely this morning . We still have good snow in the headwaters so we expect the river to stay up now for a while . So far this spring we have been hooking mostly MSW salmon , which is a further indication of the salmon to grilse ratio that we saw 2012 .


  1. Brad Burns says:

    Keith – we fished the Blackville area last week and had good luck until Saturday afternoon’s raise. We were particularly glad to see a good number of salmon and grilse in a couple of the slow pools a mile or two up into the Cains. Jason Curtis remarked that last week’s salmon fishing he had in the lower Cains was right on parr with any other good year, so in spite of last year’s low numbers it looks like a bunch went up there and spawned last fall. We’ll be back after the first bright ones in about a month! Brad

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