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Wilson’s take Spring fishing seriously

17-a-better-view.jpgIf you are going to pay the money , take time off work and travel from afar you need to know that at Wilson’s , your host , guide, cook , waitress and even the yard man is taking their job seriously . We want you to know that we are here to make this a great trip for you and to help give you every advantage when pursuing the mighty Atlantic Salmon . Spring fishing may be more productful than summer or fall and fish seem easier to catch but you still need to know the best technique , best fly and best pool under varying river conditions . Our guides are here to TEACH you how to do it properly and with the most success . Wilson’s guides do not fish for you like on some parts of this river , this is your time . We do not condone trolling for Atlantic salmon on the upper Miramichi River , we feel these fish deserve the respect and dedication of a true fly-fisherman in order to maintain our fly-fishing sport . Trolling is not fly-fishing . It will be interesting to see how many 40 inch plus salmon will be landed here during the next three weeks .


  1. Outstanding fish! How is the river shaping up today Keith? Dale

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