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Wilson’s Miramichi Report for Sept 2nd

Sept 3rd
Fly fishing conditions for Atlantic salmon on the upper Miramichi River as of Sept 3rd shows plenty of water again this morning . The river is up this morning app. 12 inches and by the looks of this picture with this heavy rain coming down we can expect it to rise even more today . It is tough fishing in August sometimes anyway so add this high water to the mix you can expect poor fishing for the first week of September for sure .


  1. Bob Wallace says

    Hi Keith, I came up after working the races yesterday in Fredericton, I didn’t get on the water till 11 o’clock this morning, but there were a pile of Fall fish going through, I was fortunate enough to land 3 grisle, all within an hour, I watched the river this afternoon some, and still lots of fish moving through, the water is getting dirty here, and still rising, but makes sense with the heavy rains we had here, and must of been the same up river. So here on the Howard Road in Keenan, lots of Bright Fall fish moving through, Good Luck to You and your sports, Keith.

  2. Jason Willcox says

    Hi Keith, I ran into you at the gas station on my way to Doaktown and shortly after, found myself in your neck of the woods. We did not land any fish but had a great evening. One member of our party, Matt, hooked his first big salmon, on a Bonnie Belle, but lost it on it’s second jump.

    We appreciate your hospitality and hope to thank you in person some day soon!


  3. Why do you continue to hook salmon,hold them out of water for all the pictures you post, and release them for others to do the same to. Then in the spring hook them all again as black salmon, hold them up for advertising purposes all over again. Fish must have a sore jaw by then, if still living. On july 10 2013 i witnessed a large salmon float by belly up and i thought of your so called sports fighting it for half an hour and holding it up for pictures. Why catch them at all, they all must be released. A 6 lb tippet should be used, then break them off if its a large fish. Also barbless hooks must be used. You people dont protect fish you like to kill them for sake of advertising. Hope lots of rain comes and fall run doesnt happen.

  4. Dear Mr. Trundelman , Thanks for your interest in Atlantic salmon conservation but you are either delusional or have a serious dislike for Wilson’s Camps . Just so you know I can either post your comments or not , it is my choice so if you wish to continue blogging on my site you will have to speak with fact ! This blog will not be your personal outlet for attacks on my character . The public at large are very aware of Wilson’s strict conservation practices and respect for these salmon .

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