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Fall Salmon Fishing on The Cains

Chris L says the Cains River is producing a few nice salmon but it is generally slow on that river too . The water is still good so there is hope for better days before the season closes . One thing for sure is we can not ask for better weather this week .


  1. Bob Wallace says

    Hi Keith I came up to my trailer at Hennessy’s on Monday afternoon, fished from 4 till dark and had some luck with Nice size Salmon. The water is as near Perfect as you can get it, especially fishing from a canoe. Wading on our side of the river, the water will still need to drop more, but its dropping nicely. Yesterday, Tuesday, and again this morning, have seen very little to No Fish moving through, I would of thought with the conditions that this would be one “BIG WEEK”, with more Fall Fish moving through, but that hasn’t been the case. can only hope that over the next remaining weeks that things pick up on this end of the river system. One things for sure though, can’t beat being on the river surrounded/engulfed in all the beauty that the river exposes, its seemly Beautiful. Good Luck to you and Your Sports. Bob Wallace

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