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More Info On Cains Salmon with sea-lice

Cains SalmonThis is the salmon that Tyler S caught on the Cains on Oct 6th with sea-lice still attached .


  1. Bob Wallace says:

    Hi Keith, well we put the year 2013 to rest for the season, certainly had its HIGH’S and LOW’S, but probably my deepest disappontment was the last three weeks on the Main River, with the water in our area as near to PERFECT as you can get it for canoe fishing, and not hardly a fish, not because I didn’t try, I fished a great deal of time, but it seemed as if I was fishing over fishless water. I’m still in hope that there are more fish that will come into the system, because I honestly feel the Fall run was somewhat nonexistant, so for the future of fishing, I sure how there are more to come. It’s a Fabulous Sport and Past time, idling hours on the river. I want to “THANK YOU” for your efforts, making Fishermen aware of the value, of live release’s and certainly your River Reports. Thank care Keith and Winter Well, Bob Wallace

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