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December 28th Trail report

Feb 21st

Don Wheaton
7:02am Dec 28
A big thank you to Ab and Jim MacD for grooming to the Enclosure on 42 yesterday and to Brock and Kerry for running all night from Quarryville to Doaktown. Groomer is still on Trail 42 near Hallihan Lane at post time – I’m sure it’s has been a long, long night for those two. From the elapsed time showing up on the tracking system, it has been very slow going for them. Plan is, if we can find two operators for tomorrow, to break out Trail 58 from Blackville to Ledgy Landing and back. Depending on snowfall Monday, groomer will then return to Doaktown on Trail 42 and open the trails in this area during the rest of next week, then the cycle will repeat itself.
Snow has no body so trails groomed will not stand up to much in the way of sled traffic but, given the nearly 3 feet of “fluff” we have on the ground, there is no off-trail sledding right now. So, what is groomed is the best we can offer right now. Please bear with us.

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