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“Spring Salmon” use to be called “Black Salmon”

kelties-fish-07.jpgSpring time Atlantic salmon fishing on the Miramichi River during the early years was reffered to as “Black Salmon Fishing” . We have pictures of fish taken during that era that clearly shows the fish with very dark colored sides and more slinky in appearance . As you can see in this caption of Kelties 33 inch hen salmon landed April 20th, the fish is obviously a very silver color and in very good condition . This is more typical of our “Spring Salmon” of this decade . Why is this ? Are the fall fish coming in later, is there less time of heavy ice cover in the river these days , is the river water cleaner now ? For example during the earlier years it was common practice to store the logs along the river and feeder stream banks all winter then float (“Drive”) the logs down the river to the lumber mills at the mouth of the Miramichi . Maybe all the logs in the water all winter caused the river water to be stained or something . Just a question , not necessarily my theory on the subject but for some reason our “Spring Salmon” are in general much better shape now .


  1. Is it possibile that the miramichi river is experencing what the saint john river used to have. A fresh run every month of the year, making it possible to catch both black salmon and fresh run salmon in early spring.

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