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Journey Into Climate


Journey Into Climate
By: Paul Andrew Mayewski
Michael Cope Morrison

The adventure and excitement behind climate research in the polar regions and the world’s high mountains.

In thIs collectIon of adventure stories and restored period photos, authors Paul Andrew Mayewski and Michael Cope Morrison tell their personal experiences going to some of the Earth’s most remote and challenging places, the scientific discoveries they made there, and the journey that they, and the scientific community, made from a “gradualist” viewpoint—thinking that humanity was an inconsequential observer in a slowly changing climate—to the realization that we are deeply and irrevocably involved in the short- and long-term fate of a temperamental climate capable of dramatic changes in a matter of only a few years. They also tell of discovering the worldwide reach of industrial emissions; their effects on climate, civilizations, ecosystems, and our individual quality of life; the remarkable success of the Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocols; and how some of the effects can clear up in weeks or months—and others only over centuries.
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Topher Browne – Atlantic Salmon Magic


Atlantic Salmon Magic
By: Topher Browne

Atlantic Salmon Magic and a smaller companion volume called 100 Best Flies for Atlantic Salmon are the most complete books on the subject in a generation. Both are by Topher Browne of Portland, Maine, a lifelong salmon devotee and acclaimed spey caster. The writing and graphics are extraordinary.

The new titles are part of the award-winning “Masters on the Fly” series by Wild River Press, featuring virtuoso anglers sharing their enthusiasm for, experience with, and hard-won expertise in pursuit of their favorite game fish.

The two salmon books come fresh in the wake of national recognition for A Passion for Tarpon by Andy Mill, which Wild River published one year ago. At BookExpo America in New York in May 2011, Mill’s tarpon book received four awards for excellence, including gold medal Benjamin Franklin Book of the Year awards in two categories—recreation/sports and regional—from the Independent Book Publishers Association, the country’s largest organization of 3,200 independent publishers. Previously, no fishing book had ever achieved this distinction.

Nearly 500 pages with hundreds of stunning color photos and original illustrations, Atlantic Salmon Magic is destined to become a classic. The book is an invaluable guide to everything about Salmo salar, the legendary leaper, celebrated since the time of the Romans. A rich literary and visual feast, this impressive new title from Wild River Press is an absolute must for the avid salmon angler.
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The Grand Cascapedia River, A History: Vol II


The Grand Cascapedia River
A History: Volume II
By: Hoagy Carmichael
Available June 1st, 2012
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The second and final volume of the award-winning history of The Grand Cascapedia River. In its eleven chapters, Volume II covers the history of the river’s eight camps, and the sports who fished out of them, from the mid-1930’s through [Read more…]