New Brunswick, Canada

Summer Photo Gallery

Keith Wilson’s 2012 Miramichi River Report
Keith Wilson’s Miramichi River Report from 2012 includes some great fishing as well as the new additions to the lodge and new cabin.
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Keith Wilson’s 2011 Miramichi River Report
All the great photos included in the 2011 Miramichi River Report
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Keith Wilson’s 2010 Miramichi River Report
2010 Miramichi Atlantic Salmon fishing river report from Keith Wilson at Wilsons Sporting Camps in New Brunswick Canada.
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Keith Wilson’s 2009 Miramichi River Report
Miramichi River Atlantic salmon fishing conditions and photos from Wilson’s Sporting Camps.
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Keith Wilson’s 2008 Miramichi River Report
All the latest updates from Wilsons Sporting Camps about Atlantic salmon fishing on the Miramichi River.
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Keith Wilson’s 2007 Miramichi River Report

A few fish from Keith’s 2007 River Report.
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October 05/07 Big Murphy
Dawn breaks at the lodge with the choice of the Atlantic Salmon waiting in the pools or the upland birds with mans best friend…
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Wilson’s Big Murphy Lodge
The new Big Murphy Lodge located on the Miramichi River in McNamee, New Brunswick.
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Early Morning At The Lodge
Early morning on the Miramichi is a beautiful time to be about. The mist over the river, the aroma of fresh coffee and the anticipation of doing battle with the king of sportfish…
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Atlantic Salmon Fishing
A few of the mighty Atlantic Salmon who stopped at Wilson’s for a quick photo before continuing their journey to the spawning areas.
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Cains River Sea Trout
The Cains river produces some fine sea trout early in the season. Thanks to some great management this resource should continue to produce some beautiful fishing.
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Upland Bird Hunting
The fall woods are alive with colour, the dogs are flushing birds and the weather is perfect. Autumn in the woods of New Brunswick is great time to be outdoors.
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History Of Wilson’s Sporting Camps
A look back in time at Wilson\’s, these photos reflect an era when the river was full of fish and the rules were more relaxed than today.
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Cains River Autumn Colors
Low water but great color October 05/07.
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Moose Romance
Early morning October 06/07 at Wilson’s camp on the Cains River. Watched these two moose for couple hours from the camp.
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Cains River Maps
Detailed maps of the Cains River.
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