New Brunswick, Canada

Wilson’s Sporting Camps Testimonials

Dear Keith and Bonnie,

As you know,there is an old saying among friends in New Brunswick ,

“The Very Best “, as in wishing you the very best ,or hoping the very best for you.

Well, the both of you have turned that into a reality for everyone of the
lucky anglers or hunters who visit Wilson’s Sporting Camps! They are
getting the very best in service, cuisine, ambiance, quality of salmon
water and bird covers.

Your staff makes Wilson’s beautiful lodge as comfortable as a second
home and the fishing guides really guide — they know where the salmon lie in
various water levels and what flies they ( might ) take. Your bird hunting
guides are very familiar with where the birds are in any time of the
season and they handle themselves and the dogs well in the covers.

So, congratulations on setting THE standard for sporting lodges !

And thanks again for your gracious hospitality,

Ed Belak
New Canaan,CT

Keith, What a great stay at Wilson’s. I can’t think of a camp with as much fun water to fish. Part of what I love about Wilson’s is the ability to spread out and move around, which satisfies my prospecting nature. The 30 pounder at Cold Water pool did not exactly leave a bad taste in my mouth either. The woodcock and grouse hunting was very good and having the opportunity to fish the Cain’s again was great. The beautiful view of the valley from the new lodge is surpassed only by the wonderful hospitality of you and Bonnie along with your whole crew. I am already looking forward to next July.

My Best,
Steve O’Brien, Jr.

Just wanted to take the time to thank you both for a wonderful time. It is rare in this day and age to find such good people, who are so eager to please. It has bee along time since I felt that I was under charged for something, but that is the way I felt when i left your camp.

Diann, you will be happy to know that even though I, by choice passed on a couple of meals was still able to add a few pounds. It is very hard to convince the people around here how tough we had it when I made it home fat & sassy. The variety, the quality, and the size of your meals was something I had never experienced before. Even though I wasn’t around you as much as I was Terry it was very obvious how much time and energy you put forth to make me feel at home during my entire time there.

Terry, I just wanted to thank you for your consideration and knowledge. The way you handle your operation, in my opinion should be a benchmark for other outfitters to strive towards. The knowledge you have of the area and animals you hunt was impressive to me. The effort you put forth to maintain twelve baits and stands for four hunters in the area that had not been hunted for two years speaks volumes about the kind of operation you run. It was a pleasure learning from you, and I feel that I came home a better hunter than I was when I got there.

Your marriage with Wilson’s lodge, and the ability to fish all morning and hunt all evening only added to an already great experience. The accommodations were outstanding and Keith should be commended for his efforts.

Thank you for a wonderful experience,

Chad Blake – “U” Turn Team
Laramie, Wyoming