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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report For July 31st

Well who would ever think eh ? another big raise of water , this time up app 30 inches and dirty . The guy’s in this photo are still getting over fish from the big canoes but not likely to hook up till things clear up and drop off a bit . There are still encouraging reports from down river and especially the Dungarvon River . This will be a good weekend to rest your arm ,or maybe gain a few points by taking your wife to the market .

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report Sept 29th


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Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions for the McNamee area of the Miramichi River as of September 29th . Thank goodness we missed hurricane Kyle but we still got a 3 foot raise of water . Good news is that even though the water is high , it is still clean . We are lucky in the McNamee area with all the islands and long sloping bars from these areas that hold fish in these conditions . We were seeing a lot of fresh fish the last few days so the fall-run is on the move , so this raise can only help us . Anglers this morning are fishing mostly from the big canoes using slow sink of sinking tip lines with larger streamer patterns . The jumping fish that have been entertaining us for two weeks or more are still at it , and even in the same places , so the high water did not seem to change their habits yet . The high water will be perfect for the Cains , which we plan to take full advantage of in the coming days . Don’t despair anglers , this high water will only help us in the McNamee and Cains River areas .

Good News from ASF

Atlantic Salmon Rebound

August 18th, 2008

After years of decline, wild Atlantic salmon rebound in eastern North America

FREDERICTON — After years of decline, it looks like wild Atlantic salmon are making a comeback in the rivers of eastern North America.

While scientists and anglers are tempering their enthusiasm until a clear trend is established, there’s no question this is a record summer for young salmon called grilse returning to home rivers after one year at sea.

“People are talking about runs they haven’t seen for a decade or more,” says Gerald Chaput, a biologist with the federal Fisheries Department.

On the storied salmon rivers of New Brunswick, heavy rains and high waters are providing perfect conditions for salmon.

“People are seeing fish and they’re catching fish,” says Mark Hambrook, president of the salmon association on New Brunswick’s Miramichi River, which produces more than 20 per cent of North America’s Atlantic salmon. [Read more…]

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report July 23rd.


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Atlantic Salmon Fly fishing conditions on the Miramcihi River at Wilson’s for July 23rd . I know some of you are going to think I am full of crap but I am pleased to report another perfect little raise of water . As of tonight the river is up app. 5 inches here in McNamee and under cloudy skies the temps are near perfect . We are having excellent fishing on some days with fresh fish moving through and other days it is about normal for late July fishing and when we get a really hot sunny day , which can be expected this time of year then the salmon retreat to the deep holding water and sulk . We have yet to get into the typical warm water period where bombers work best , when this does come around most of the guides think we are in for some fantastic dry fly fishing .

Wilson’s Miramichi River Report July 15th


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Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions on the Miramichi River at McNamee on July 15th . The river is still a few inches above normal for the period . The weather has not been too severe and the river is cooling down most nights . After several weeks of high water and most fish running straight through we are finally seeing a lot of fish this week that appear to be slowing down and resting more in the pools . We would never complain about the higher than normal water and cool temps but it is nice to have fish pooled up in McNamee rather than seeing them rushing through . Reports from the headwaters confirm the great numbers of fish that went through since mid June . The long range weather forecast is calling for a cooling trend so I think it is safe to say that this great fishing will continue . On the five miles that we fish here we had fish hooked in all the major pools this morning . It looks like the Green machine with white calf tail is the best fly so far .