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Guys bring your Girls – They Will Love You For It

Carl & Lois Kuniholm at Shore lunchHey Guys , want to get big points with your favorite girl , take her fly fishing . Don’t worry about the technique or the equipment , at Wilson’s we can make you look like a pro , fly fishing is our specialty . We teach you how to do it right , but most importantly how to relax and enjoy the beautie of the Miramichi River and Wilson’s with good food , good beds and friendly staff . Guy’s & Girls are making the trip to Wilson’s more often these days , and if the lady wishes not to fish , she can soak up the tranquility and comfort of lodge life , play a round of golf nearby or walk along the river . Any way you wish to do it , a couples trip to Wilson’s is a sure fire way to share some quality time together .


  1. How is the river coming along? Has the ice moved out yet, or are you still experiencing early spring conditions?

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