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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report May 29th

The water and weather conditions are perfect this week which helps with the annual migration of the Upper Miramichi River Sea-run brook trout run . Unfortunately this beatiful specimen took the fly down into the gills and was bleeding badly . He was nearly dead by the time I netted it so I took this one home. He will not be cut up and put in a frying pan , he will be proudly displayed on the wall allong side my late fathers trouphy trout caught in 1976 . This is the first big trout I have killed in many years and I hope it will be the last . Please release all of these very special fish , they need all the help we can offer them .
I am running a housekeeping cabin special the next three weeks where you rent the cabin for a discounted price and fish our water for free . Retail on this is $250.00 per day , with a group of four you get it for $50.00 per man . There has been one Rocky Brook salmon caught this week as well .


  1. Mark Betts says:

    Keith, thats a Beauty!! I had one on jsut a bit smaller than that and lost it right at shore! Got a few 18inchers though… They were all caught on a little white dryfly. Nothing like fishing trout when they are plentiful and especially when they are hitting the dryfly!

  2. Hey Mark-
    The local boys here are getting into them good . I have had all my luck on a black bug with a red butt (#10) , I cut the red yarn on the butt and let it hang , seems to be working great . The water is up this morning though and I hit nothing from 6am – 8 am , still rising too , which is good for the fish though eh ! Heading to the Cains today for a float trip , the water has been really low in there so I hope the rain hit that river too .

  3. Nice trout Keith. Only on the Miramichi do you catch fish like that!

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