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Cameron Clair has a terrific first day

Miramichi Spring SalmonSome kids prefer to play with their game-boy but Cameron Clair prefers to go fishing with his Dad Mike . On their first day on the Miramichi Cam gets into 4 grilse and 2 nice salmon , the biggest is 36 inches . The water is still near perfect height and the temperature remains cool . Still not many fish jumping so it looks like the spring mirgration to the ocean is still not in full swing , which boads well for anglers next week as well . Mike Clair takes the picture while guide Keith Wilson helps Cam with the big fish .


  1. Cornelia Clair says

    Great job Cam! Why don’t you bring a few of those home and we’ll toss them in Moosehead… I miss you guys a lot. Thanks for leaving your Game-boy at home it’s kept me very busy while you guys are up there having fun. Leave some fish for Daddy to catch tomorrow.



  2. Nice going Cam. Wish I was there with all those Clairs!! Sean (the man) K

  3. Shawn L in Ottawa says

    Well, here I sit, one block from Parliament Hill and this is what I`m missing….!!! Good deal on the fishing, glad to hear it`s been a great spring for all anglers…!!
    Hope to see you on the river soon…!!!!

  4. Mike Pearce says

    Great job Cam! You must be having a special time with your Dad. Sounds like real memories. I wish I could be there with you guys. Make sure you show your Dad how to catch the big ones. I am hoping to catch a couple of lunkers with you guys in June at Big Duck Little Duck. Good luck the rest of the trip. Have fun.

    Mike Pearce.

  5. Bill Perry says

    Nice fish Cameron, I glad you had a guide. You should teach your Dad how to do that.
    Uncle Bill

  6. Mary Harmon says


    Your Dad told us about your big fish and the web site to see you on. That was one big fish, now you can teach your father to catch fish like that. That was a job well done.

    Mary Harmon

  7. Peter, the Spider, Durgin says

    Nice silver salmon! What fly did you use? When you want to fly-cast for really hugh “King of fish” i.e. the silver salmon, let me know ’cause I’ve tied a very,very special fly which will I’ll give to you to cast but don’t tell Sean,Al, or Bill. Again, congrats on catching my very favorite “King-of-fish” the Atlantic Salmon!!! Spider.

  8. Nate MacDonald says

    Congrats Cam! Nicely done. Perhaps you can help your Dad with a few hunting/fishing tips?
    -Nate M.

    p.s. Be sure to ask Sean (the Man) Kilfoil about his monster brook trout he caught last weekend in Rangeley.

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