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Save Our Salmon Save Our River

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Hi Dan- I copied you on my response to Gary . Our salmon are at near extinction and some people still think we can save them by playing gentle politics with the situation. Our industry is screwed and the only people enjoying any benefit from the few fish we have are the big holding waters , ( “the privileged few”) . They were content with a few fish ( 50, 000) until 2014 now they too are nervous with only 17,000 fish returns . Maybe 2014 is a blessing . We have a unique opportunity to save our salmon . The powers-to-be need to get their head out of the sand and admit that what we have been doing this last 60 years has not worked , look at the numbers . There are many factors in the world that contribute to the decline of the species , most of which we will never have any control . But if we take control of our own river and take advantage of the technology available we can grow enough salmon right here in Boiestown , to first ,save the species, secondly save a way of life ( resident fishery ) and thirdly maybe save an outfitting industry . A large percentage of the general public does not give a rats ass whether or not us outfitters or “the privileged few” have fish in our pools , we need to think about the whole river . We need to rebuild the New Brunswick resident fishery first , which will in turn support our businesses. We need public support to make this happen , votes count , votes sway government policy . I think our main theme should be to rebuild a New Brunswick resident food fishery first , and if there are salmon left over for outfitters ,guides and the privileged few, then great . We should target the basic needs of the population first , food !
I hope the NBOA will take a strong stand on this issue . Regards, Keith

Keith Wilson
Wilson’s Sporting Camps Ltd.


  1. ken macleod says:

    could’nt agree more , the only thing that anyone can control is the supply of smolts to a river system,

    the plight of our mainland Nova Scotia salmon, where DFO will not allow any stocking exemplifies this,

    good luck and load up your NB rivers with smolts,


    • Hi Ken- Thanks for your comment . I am not talking about just more smolts , I am talking about growing adult size salmon too. Grow all year- classes including adult salmon that can be harvested for the dinner table . Not only will we have food to eat , we will have a greater number of adults to compete with the perils of the ocean and estuary . I wonder why our rivers had hundreds of thousands of salmon here when the Europeans landed here just a few centuries ago while at the same time seals, meganzer ducks and striped bass probably flourished, right along side first nations people . No doubt the problem began when we showed up on the scene eh? Lets grow salmon!!!

  2. Rick Pryde says:

    Keith I don’t know the science around raising adult salmon to stock our rivers however I do know the stop gap measures we have in place today are not close to being enough. i.e going from 8 to 4 tags..
    We need to make some serious changes NOW 1) barbless hooks 2) 100 % hook and release ( this includes Quebec ) 3) first nations need to be part of the solution 4) all commercial fishing for Atlantic salmon must stop 5) more money spent on our rivers; bank protection, pool restoration, clearing beaver dams, transmitters on fish etc. 6) fish hatcheries, we need to get really serious here, nature alone will not take of this, we have the know how to raise and release fish, we need more fish hatcheries and more restocking, we have ignored the problem for too long.

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