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Obvious Benefits Of Live Release

Norris-April-2015-1200Guide Terry Stone proudly displays a healthy Atlantic salmon ready for release to the river . Guest Norris W. has been fishing the Miramichi for fifty years and has been practising “live release” for the majority of his time here . Norris claims that the rewards of live release as so obvious , he is hooking more fish and larger fish than ever before and is happy to call the Miramichi River his number one choice for a world class fly fishing experience.


  1. Doug Hintzman says

    Good to see that Norris is back and showing how it’s done!
    Good job and best wishes to everyone at Wilson’s.

  2. I have another story of the benefits of live release. We were fishing last weekend when I caught a grilse with a blue tag. We took a picture of the tag so we could report it later. Twenty minutes later, at the same pool, my friend hooked up and landed a grilse with a blue tag so we took a picture and you guessed it…same number!

  3. Jason Ducharme says

    I was fishing with guide Kyle two days ago and caught …and happily released my first ever Atlantic salmon. Check out the live action of landing and releasing on youtube at

    It was a cold, very windy and wet day but I was in heaven. Thanks Kyle and thanks to Wilson’s

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