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Sea-run Brook trout on their way up the Miramichi

Keith's 24 Inch Sea-run TroutThe river conditions up to this date have been near perfect . The water is holding and the weather is not too hot yet . The temps have warmed up just about right to get the local trout on the move and feeding well . But the big news is reports of anglers in the mouth of the Miramichi hooking up with the annual run of SEA-RUN BROOK TROUT and getting some real trophies . Here in McNamee we are still having fair to good fishing for the local 10-14 inch trout and should be hitting the sea-run within a few days . The Cains River run of these huge trout can be expected within the next two to three weeks . Conditions are perfect on both the Miramichi and Cains . We are taking a few last minute bookings for availablity in June and July .


  1. Keith,
    I am looking forward to our weekend at the Big Murphy. I was looking for an update on the fishing conditions at that location. Can you give an update? We will be there this weekend.

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