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Brad Burns April Atlantic Salmon Report

Photo of Spring Atlantic Salmon landed by John Robinson at Wilson’s .Also check out the following report posted by Brad Burns, always a good read and great photos of fishing the Miramichi in the Blackville area as well as the famous Cains River.
Click here to read Brad Burns Article


  1. John Renshaw says:

    Shame on you John Robinson along with your guide. With just one photograph you managed to re-define catch and release. Keith, is this the image you want associated with Wilsons Sporting Camps ?

  2. Hi John- Good to hear from you . Hope all is well in PA, give our best to Jean . EJ has finally retired and in good health . Thanks for your feedback on my post . Actually this is the message we are promoting here at Wilson’s , a smiling angler about to release a beautiful Atlantic salmon back to the water. If you are in the neighborhood please stop in for a visit . Regards, Keith

    Hey Keith, look forward to seeing my comment posted. Wonder what Bill Taylor’s reaction was ?

    Hi John- Ya , the ASF has pretty strict protocols, and for good reason , when advertising for sure , i.e. fish out of water , time out of water etc. I honor their code when advertising in the ASF journal of course and always teach and practice reasonable live release techniques in my business as well as personal. Thanks again for your input on the subject. Regards, Keith

  3. Charles says:

    To Mr. Renshaw,
    Perhaps you haven’t been spring fishing before. The water is a very low temperature. Landing a fish in less than 5 minutes is normal. A quickly soft netted fish photographed in the boat and released. With barbless hook rules the fly is out in the net 80-90% of the time. These fish are robust. The water is highly oxygenated. They speed away from the encounter without even knowing they were caught. Look at any of the spring fishing reports and you’ll see many similar photos.
    The alternative would be to pull anchor, motor to shore, possibly struggle to find a spot to land the boat, get out of the boat possibly risking your life in doing so, falling in and dying of hypothermia in around 10 minutes and maybe landing the fish which has now been on the line up to 15-20 minutes if not longer, it’s been towed around and potentially drowned and then maybe it’s tangled in shore line weeds and branches.
    I really think your being a bit harsh on singling out Keith or his sport or his guide. Maybe you’d prefer to close the spring fishery? Good luck this summer, that is if you dare go fishing, catch and release works!

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