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Wilson’s Cains River Update June 13th

I took a drive to Wildcat last night to see how the water was with all the heavy rain , and as expected it was up app. 18 inches and still coming fast . This will mess up the fishing for the next few days but should bring more fish into the system, or at least move the present ones around some . As usual poor old Wildcat and Acadia Bridge pools are getting pounded again this year so this raise of water will be a relief for the trout for sure .


  1. Too bad about the pools being pounded. I was in Wildcat twice this week as myself and my girlfriend had the upper stretch for two consecutive days. When you get the pattern right, the fishing is too easy. I stopped at 5 fish (all handled and released with the utmost care), but others may not so respectful. For instance, another party that was in at the same time spent the whole day fishing the same pool! Even though we knew Wildcat was a sure thing, we distributed our fishing pressure across the many other pools available. To help preserve this precious resource, DNR should take steps to close this pool to fishing of any kind. This is part of of my comments in my creel census. I hope others will make the same recommendation.

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