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Cains River TroutHi Keith,
Quick note of thanks for the opportunity to stay at Wildcat this past
weekend. We really had the trip of our lives. The fishing was
UNBELIEVABLE!! The smallest trout we caught in either of the main pools
was 14″. Most ran 16-18″, a number of 19’s and a few over 20. I was
fortunate to land a 22″ male at 1:45 on our last day. This trout was
13″ around in girth!! I figure it had to be pushing 6lb but of course
it’s hard to tell without a scale.

Anyway, Darren dropped by to leave you $ but didn’t want to leave cash
unattended. He mailed a cheque this morning. Please let me know if
everything was ok with the cabin after we left. We double/triple
checked the propane to make sure everything was fine.

Keith, I’d really like to bring my Dad in there for a day sometime,
perhaps before the end of this season. He is 80 and is still one of the
finest fly-fisherman I know. What I love about the place is that once
you are there, the pools are so accessible and very easily waded. I’m
sure he’d greatly enjoy the opportunity to cast over such amazing trout
in such beautiful water.

Attached is a pic of the big male I got yesterday just before we left.
I found the biggest trout were taking very deep, to the point where my
biggest ones were caught while fishing with a nymphing technique.

Hope to talk again soon!



  1. Bob Bowser says

    Wow! Awesome pic… and at my favorite pool! Took a 22 incher from that pool on a Burdock Dryfly 8 years ago on my first trip in. We have been fishing this stretch since it re-opened as H and R… we have the water booked for Thur (Tomorrow) and Fri and after reading this I just can’t wait!!!

    Thanks for including the pic Geoff! We’ll be nymphing those trout as best we can 🙂

  2. Bob Wallace says

    This was Dave Blakney’s and my first time fishing on the Cain’s for these Beautiful Sea Run Trout. We fished Wildcat in the Evening on Wednesday Night, and I thought had Great Luck. The biggest fish I had caught was in the 16-18 range, and a few at the 13-15, and then a number above 12inches. Just Fabulous fishing. Dave had some great luck as well, and to say the least we are certainly hooked on the Crown Reserve Day trip.
    Good Luck to all who will be fishing this week, should be good fishing with the amount of rain that the system has received since Wednesday Night.

  3. Dave Delcloo says

    Great stuff!!! TIGHT LINES.

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