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Cains River Trivia Contest

We had a nice raise of water on the Cains again this past weekend so John and I decided to take the 28 foot jet canoe for a fishing tour . The first person to correctly identify the pool we are in will win one day for two rods on the Miramichi on one of Wilson’s private pools . I will post a new hint each day or so until the winner is declared . Contest will run for 5 days .


  1. Sylvie Malo-Clark says

    June 22, 2009 5:10pm

    I Keith,
    It’s the Chestnut.

    Sylvie Malo-Clark

  2. Is it Black Brook Salmon Club water on the Cains, or perhaps Bev Russel’s
    highlanding pool?
    Unknown responder

  3. We will post all comments for the contest for five days and of course the first correct answer submitted will be rocognized and awarded the trip . Keep the comments coming .

  4. Stephen Johnson says

    I believe it’s Flat Pool

  5. Doug Hartford says

    Cains RIver Trivia Response:

    Deep woods pool

  6. Tom Hart says

    My guess is Leighton Pool but many pools on the Cains look alike so it could be anywhere. Thanks,

    Tom Hart

  7. ian robertson says

    Would be Buttermilk .

  8. Dickinson Pool

  9. Jason Hallett says

    Hi Keith,

    Is it the Lower Trout Hole Pool?

    Fingers crossed,


  10. Nathan Wilbur says

    Forks Pool

  11. Randi Parks says

    Duffy Pool

  12. Finn Brook Pool

  13. Jay Earle says

    Is it the Pine Pool.

  14. J.LeMesurier says


  15. Crown pool

  16. rob agar says

    Birch Landing pool?

  17. Tom Walker says

    Finn Brook is my guess.

  18. Is it Brophy pool?

  19. Duffy Pool..

  20. I see someone already guessed that one.. Would it be Wilson pool?

  21. Karen Johnson says

    Crown Pool

  22. Neil Damon says

    A wild stab – Eddy Pool

  23. Lazy Pond

  24. travis quigley says

    Hey Keith,

    Sure looks like Chestnut to me!


  25. Good morning anglers- Looks like we have a fair number of Cains River dwellers in our midst . Thanks for your input and interest , although some of you are close there are only two correct answers to date . The pool we are in was accessed by the big jet canoe but only because the water was high , and we are in the upper stretch ( above RT 123 ). I will anounce the winner on Friday , June 26th .


  26. —– Original Message —–
    From: MacDonald, Ian
    Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 3:51 PM
    Subject: contest

    Hi: Would it be school house pool.

  27. It must be chestnut.

    Where I can I get a boat like that? (…just in case I win the lottery 🙂 )

  28. Nathan Wilbur says

    I figure it’s chestnut too, but that was the first reply so I picked something close-by in the upper stretches!

  29. We have four correct answers for the Cains River Trivia contest ,the very first guess ( Silvie Malo-Clark )was the correct one , followed by Tim Smith , Travis Quigley and Nathan Wilbur . So I have decided to give all four individuals a free day of fishing . The date will be Saturday August 1st ( fishing hours are 8 am- noon , then 5 pm – dark ). Winners please contact me to confirm .

    I want to thank all those who participated .

  30. Congrats to Sylvie, Nathan, Travis, and Tim! I hope your day on Wilson’s turns out to be special.

  31. Nathan Wilbur says

    Hi Keith,
    That’s great! thanks a lot. Maybe I will just give you a call to talk about plans. Can I just use the Wilson’s phone number? You can contact me via email if you wish.

    Thanks again!

  32. Sylvie Malo-Clark says

    Thank you Keith,

    I can’t wait to fish the Wilson’s water again.


  33. Thanks Keith, I’ll be there for sure. Much appreciated…

    I’ll give you a call this week.


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