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CBC News Report on Miramichi run comes off wrong

On July 3rd I was approached by CBC TV to do an interview about the “late run ” of our June salmon . MSA also gave their theory on the cold water and ice pack off of the Strait of Bele Isle and how this may have affected the arrival of the June run , which sounds logical to most of us . It is not unusual to have these wild fish that travel nearly 3000 miles to get here to be late by a couple of weeks , whether it is due to cold ocean temps or some other natural occurence . The storey told by CBC came off totally negative leaving the impression with most viewers that the Miramichi has very few fish this year . They are correct in saying that the run was late but failed to report of the fantastic fishing we are enjoying now . I was clear in my portion of the story to say that we do not know if the numbers are down this year till after the season is over . It is no big deal that the fish are a little late . It is unfair that CBC passed the death judgement on the “Summer Run ” and the Miramichi’s outfitting /guide business just so they could deliver bad news . Why is CBC not here today interviewing the hundreds of anglers allong the river that are enjoying fantastic fishing ? Three rods at Wilson’s yesterday hooked over a dozen fish , one of them 15 pounds . The conditions are perefect with cool temps and more showers on the way . The Miramichi is having fantastic fishing this week .

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