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This is more important than catching fish

Lynsey & Keith WilsonLynsey ( one of my three children ) and I spent an evening together on the water recently with perfect water conditions, fish moving through , had all the right gear , even the perfect cast , but landed no fish . Catching the fish was the least important thing on our minds , sure it is always fun to hook up but spending time with your family in such a beautiful setting as the Miramchi River is worth more than all the fish in the sea . Dee is now 22 , lives our on her own , has a busy life as a full time student , pursuing a carreer , has tons of friends with plenty of exciting things to do in her spare time but still takes the time to fish once and a while with her Dad . Dee does not fish much in the run of a year but is a natural born talent when it comes to fly-fishing , I guess she takes after her mother for that .


  1. Sheila Hunley says:

    Hi Mr. Wilson. Sure is a cute picture of you and your only baby girl. I would love to come by your resort sometime and check things out. Actually we are planning a trip up your way and should arrive in NB on Sept. 10th. Maybe we can make plans to hook up and visit you and your sweet family.


    Your eldest sister

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