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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report For July 27th

Another big raise of water over the weekend . As expected the water is dropping slow but there are plenty of fish moving . Moving too good for most anglers but some real beauties still taking . The water temps are below normal too , which is great for the health of the salmon .We hooked three more monsters in the last two days , one by a first time salmon fisherman from Baltimore who was still shaking this morning at breakfast . The fish put on a great show after the fly line was seized in both hands , it finally broke off a new 8 pound maxima tippet . We are optimistic that when the water gets down to normal again we will be into the “July grilse run ” . I made a quick tour of the Cains last night and of course found that river to be very high as well . It is the perfect condition to set a canoe in on the headwaters of the Cains and fish for the big boy’s that are out of their holding pools on the prowl . My best day in 2008 was during this exact water condition


  1. Gregory Paterson says:

    Dear Mr. Wilson:

    I just returned from Upper Haysville. The river seems reluctant to drop. Water actually rose in the upper stretches until about midnight last night. Today it is starting to drop. Water is dark and a few fish are jumping as they enter pools on their way up river. Water temperatures are 63 degrees and all else is simply beautiful on the river.

    Gregory Paterson

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