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Feeback on “Cains Needs more young people “

Dear Nathan-
First off , thanks for your feedback to my June 29th posting , I appreciate your candor and honesty . I apologize for my friend if he offended you and disrupted your enjoyment of the river . In his defence though , we were both concerned for the safety of the fish and length of time it was played and kept out of the water . It seemed like to us that the fish was in trouble. For you to take the time to reply to my posting indicates that you are one of the guys serious about making sure that this beautiful river and these magnificent trout are protected for us all . You obviously have a passion for the sport and a respect for the river and fish . I urge you to contact Tyler Storey at 365-7714 to discuss his plans to get the Cains River Enhancement Association back up and running . The association needs more people just like yourself to breathe some life into a very worthwhile organization .
Respectfully yours,
Keith Wilson

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