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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report for Aug 4th

Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions for the Miramichi River at McNamee for August 4th . The river is still high this morning ( app.18inches ) An interesting thing we noticed this time is that the water remains very red in color . It is most noticeable in a spring water bogan in front of my house that is app20 inches deep and normally “gin clear” , the water level has dropped off in it but the rocks on the bottom are covered with a dark red colored silt . My question is where did all this come from and what impact will it have on the health of the river . Somewhere in the headwaters last week we got a huge rain resulting in a big run-off of red colored ( tanic ) mud . My theory is is that the watershed is so saturated that the black swamps and barrens are overflowing with tanic colored water . The Cains River is very dark in color for this same reason. So, maybe we have to change our tactics this week on the Miramichi .

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