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Low but still catching a few fish

The “fall run ” which is normally right on at this point in the season has obviously not made it into the system yet . Most areas are reporting very slow fishing over the “summer run fish ” that have been here for a while now . The low water is not helping things much but fortunately for Wilson’s guest’s we have enough pools to provide decent fishing dispite the current conditions . A group of eight rods landed 8 yesterday , one of which was 25 pound and they hooked and lost another 4 , today was almost as good . We are not seeing many fish moving and no fresh ones . The weather forecast is calling for a good rain on the upcoming weekend but that won’t do much good for seeing new fish till later on in the week , probably around the 10th or so .
On a more positive note , our grouse numbers appear to be very high this fall and woodcock are showing up in good numbers as well . It is still too dry for best results on woodcock but as we enter the prime weeks with rain in the forecast our upland hunters will surley do much better than salmon anglers .

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