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Just when you think you have it all figured out

Miramichi SalmonLast week I e:mailed several guests suggesting they put off their fall trip because of the tough river conditions. Tom Young and Rod Handfield had their seven trip booked for months so decided to come anyway , if for nothing else the beautiful river and to see their friends . Yesterday Tom and Rod hooked 8 fish , two of which were nice salmon and three of the other boy’s landed a total of 4 fish . I guess you just never know . The river is still very low resulting in most pools on the river fishless . We are still not seeing new fish but lucky for Wilson’s we are having relatively good fishing due mainly to our good number of larger holding pools . There are some huge 30 pound plus salmon showing too , all older fish but we won’t complain at this point .

Upland hunting yesterday was superb and conditions are improving daily .

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