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First timers sometimes have all the luck

Canoes on Shore of Miramichi RiverFirst time salmon angler Peter Bradford is probably thinking today , what is the big deal , just cast your fly on the water where the guide tells you to and watch the majic happen . On Peter’s first day he landed two fish in the 15 – 20 pound range and yesterday he pulled out our biggest fish of the year , a beautiful 46 inch hen , estimated weight 34 pound , and finished up his day with a grilse .
We have been praying for rain and it looks like we are in for a real blast of fall weather . This nor-easter going through today and Saturday is supposed to dump nearly two inches of rain . The fishing will be tough today with the strong wind but maybe our last three days will be as good as this past couple weeks .
Our upland hunters are welcoming this storm as well , the leaves will drop and more flight birds will be going through next week .

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