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Sometimes we get what we ask for , just a little late

Well folks , we have all been praying for a good rain and raise of water and that is just what we got , a little late for anglers but still good for our fish and the watershed . The storm was brief but it sure did the job . At this point the water on the Miramichi at McNamee is up app. 20 inches and the Cains River is almost as high . With all the leaves coming off the trees and the high water picking up plenty more along the shores it is tough to make one cast without dragging in leaves . As soon as the river begins to drop the water will clear up nicely and we will surely get into some good fishing for the last couple of days of the season . The large fall patterns such as General Practitioner , LT Special , Chief Needabah , Chorus Girl and Allys Schrimp would be my fly’s of choice now .
The Cains is shapeing up very well for the next couple of weeks too. There are reports of tons of big fish in at Black Brook so they won’t be long getting up to at least the Shinickburn area . There is not likely to be many fish above that though till after the end of the month when they move on up to spawn . It looks like the best of the Cains fishing this fall is going to be on the lower 15 miles .

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