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15 yr. Old Breaks Wilson’s 150 Year Camp Record

Young Braden Tierney has a lot to smile about after his very first Atlantic Salmon fishing trip . Braden not only hooked his first ever Atlantic salmon he also broke our camp record with this beautiful 51 inch hen . I am not sure who was more excited , his guide Karl Wilson or his mom and dad ( Tom and Karen ) . We are not sure of the weight so we welcome any comments you might have to help us determine that . At present the river conditions are near perfect , the water cooled off here on the weekend and with the 6 inch raise we are seeing plenty of fish in our larger holding pools .
Congratulations Braden , you have earned yourself a place in the record books and also a free return trip to Wilson’s in 2010 .

Hi Keith!
This is from Braden Tierney. I’ve attached two of the best photos of the huge salmon we got. I just want to say thank you so much for an amazing introduction to the world of atlantic salmon fishing. I will never forget the trip. Karl was an awesome guide. He really knows his stuff. The lodging was top notch, and the food delicious. You guys work so hard, and we all appreciate and respect that. Hopefully, some day, we will come back. Have a great fall season, and make sure Karl gets a copy of these photos. Tight lines!
Best Wishes,
Braden Tierney


  1. Wow – what a record! – Needless to say we’re excited to get up on the river next weekend!

    Unless Karl got a girth measurement, it’ll be pretty hard to guess the weight. You might want to think about getting the guides some nylon string maybe 30” long to measure girth with. I’m guessing well over 40# though…

    Here’s 2 different ways to estimate weight when you have length and girth (girth at fattest point, usually right before or after dorsal fin):

    Formulas to Estimate Weight of Atlantic Salmon

    William H. Wood Formula: Length X Girth Squared Divided by 800 (L & G expresssed in inches)

    Modern Adjustment for Salmonids: Length X Girth Squared Divided by 750

    And a website which has a calculator:

    See you Friday!


    George G. Conyngham, Jr.

  2. Barry Bransfield says:

    Braden you’re the man…What a lucky guy you are to have hooked a record fish on the nicest salmon river in North America.Congratulations!You probably will not sleep again until you return to Wilsons(haha).Many people fish salmon for a lifetime and never hook anything close to what you caught.You really have something to boast about.Nice of you to write such glowing comments about your guide and Wilsons.Tight Lines.
    Barry W Bransfield

  3. Way to go Braden! That’s an incredible fish, something to be very, very proud of. It’s such a good thing to have happen to a young angler, the next generation who will keep the great tradition alive and well! If you ever come to N.S. to fish, in River Philip or wallace, look me up for a tour…..

  4. Congratulations on the awesome fish dude, I have been fishing that river for many a years and have yet to handle one that big myself. Congratualtions on your great catch.

  5. Awsome fish!!! How long did it take to land this monster and which pool was it caught in?

  6. Hi all-
    Thanks for so many kind comments!I hooked into the fish down at Coldwater pool, and he actually only took about 20-25 minutes to bring in. When we got him to the net, though, he still had plenty of energy left and could have fought for quite a bit longer. As you can see, we had some trouble holding on to him for a picture because of this!
    -Braden Tierney

  7. Keith:
    From the picture on your website of the record hen salmon, it looks like it is adipose clipped, meaning it originated as a parr from the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre or one of the many satellite rearing tanks along the SW Miramichi River. Maybe from a different view, the adipose fin might still be there. Either way, congratulations and may there be many more successful anglers this fall.
    Mark Hambrook, Miramichi Salmon Association

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