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MSA comments on big salmon

From the picture on your website of the record hen salmon, it looks like it is adipose clipped, meaning it originated as a parr from the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre or one of the many satellite rearing tanks along the SW Miramichi River. Maybe from a different view, the adipose fin might still be there. Either way, congratulations and may there be many more successful anglers this fall.
Mark Hambrook, Miramichi Salmon Association.

Hi Mark-
Thanks for the feedback. The fish was unusually lean , is it possible that she was actually a 2009 kelt that did not return to the ocean or maybe a really old fish that has no eggs ? I heard that Rocky Brook had a huge fish recently too . FYI , from July 5th till August 30 we had 14 large salmon in the 20 – 35 pound range , normally we get three or four per season . Last week we got into a lot of big male hook bills , of course the water came up since then and slowed things down again .

Regards, Keith

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