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Wilson’s Miramichi ice-run report April 12th

Miramichi Ice Out 2008As you can see the Miramichi River ice is slowly but surely beginning to move here at Wilson’s in the McNamee area .There are many of these little jams all allong the river as of this date . This past week of warm weather has created some water and it does not appear that the ice is very heavy . Some of the local guides have a theory that all the snow this winter provided an insulation for the ice therefore preventing it from forming as heavy as it would normally . We still have app 4 feet of snow locally and in the headwaters area it is reported that there is still over 6 feet . We hope the temperatures remain relatively cool and not too much rain , we don’t need a flood . The longer the snow stays in the woods the longer we will have “Spring salmon ” around . And of course the heavy snow sticking around in the deep valleys and swamps will do us good as we near June , when the summer- run of Atlantics start in .

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