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Wilson’s Miramichi Ice-run report April 17th

Good news , the river is opening up in most areas but anlgers beware , we still have miles of ice to come down so for the novice this might not be the weekend to try the Miramichi . If you have an experienced guide you will do just fine , these guy’s know the river , they know where and when to get out of harms way as these ice jams come through . Wilson’s guides are in constant contact with the lodge as we monitor the ice movement upstream .


  1. Earnest Lobe says:

    Earnest Here;

    I heard that salmon will sometimes jump onto the ice flows to taunt the inexperienced angler into a dangerous section of the river, hoping to bring him to an untimely death.

    Is that true?

  2. Earnest Lobe says:

    Just wondering;

    Are there any girl-guides over there at the lodge or is that kind of taboo?

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