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Wilson’s Miramichi Ice-run report April 22

Miramichi Spring Salmon April 2008The river is in fine shape this morning . All of the main river is open but with the water rising there will be plenty of shore ice left to come down . This will not mess up the fishing but can be very dangerous if you don’t pay attention . A small piece of ice 3 or 4 feet across can way hundreds of pounds and can damage or capsize a boat easily , especially if you hit it while motoring allong .
The warm weather is melting plenty of snow but there is no frost in the ground so most of the water is soaking into the ground . The lack of rain is keeping the river from flooding so fishing should continue to improve.
Yesterday was agood day with a good number of both grilse and salmon taken . Remember anglers , the Miramichi has a new Spring season barbless hook law in effect for 2008 , which is great because the hooks are large enough that you have no trouble keeping the fish on but they are much easier to release .

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