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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report

Miramichi Spring Atlantic SalmonApril 24th we are under cold and rainy sky’s , just what we had hoped for . The river has been creeping up higher each day since ice-out but with this cold rain and a cooler than normal forecast for the next week things will surely level off and clear up . We are picking up a fair number of grilse but not many big salmon yet . The big fish will take better as the water begins to clear .


  1. thanks to all whom anwser me,,,,i have a few questions,,,i check your site daily to see the river pics and read,,,you posted on the 24 that were haveing somewhat colder temps,,,,does this make the salmon enter the river later ????? im hoping for this,,,i wont be up to river till 24,,,and would be a dream to hook a salmon,,,,next,,look close in your pic of the 24,,,are those eagles in photo ???? you guys have alot eagles up there,,im hoping to see some of them also,,,,last question,,i see the big scare of the salmon fishing,,mostly of the fishing boats at sea,,now the goverment is going to release small salmon into the bays that are hatched at farms,,,wont this have a bad effect in later years in the rivers ,,i always heard salmon come back to lay eggs where they were born,,,any news on this,,,again thanks for all your help,,,,ed cox,,,lexington kentucky

  2. Hi Ed-
    Glad to see you are following our “River Report ” The cooler weather this time of year slows down the melting ( snow pack ) process thus keeping the river from flooding out and getting really dirty . The fish are actually leaving the river at this time of year , they came in last fall to spawn then stayed the winter under the ice and are now returing to the ocean heading to Greenland to feed for one to two years , then coming back to spawn again . April 24th report shows two crows in the foreground , but we do see eagles all the time . As with all wild species on this planet we are concerned about the human impact on our resource , that is why we help them allong with enhancement projects . As for our hatchery we do not keep brood stock , we use only wild fish and with pure wild genetics . The Miramichi rears over 30% of all the wild Atlantic salmon in North America , our river is extrememly healthy and we have huge public support for our conservation programs .

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