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Wilson’s Miramichi Report April 27th


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Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions and report at Wilson’s on the Miramichi River on April 27th . As you can tell by the look on my face this is my first hook up of the year , but come to think of it I feel this way each and every time that I catch an Atlantic Salmon . I promise to lose the AC/DC hat when the weather warms up . I am using a slow sink line with a large smelt pattern , casting into the heavy water and stripping off a long line , which brings the fly down close to bottom near the end of the swing , then slowly retrieving close to shore . The ice is cleared out but the water is still a little high and very cold at 37 F. The fishing over the last few days has been slow for what one should expect this time of year . With the really cold water temps the fish are not moving much yet but as always it will turn on soon .

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