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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report Oct 8th

Well folks it happen again , big rain with two to three feet of a raise , that is on top of the last rise of two to three feet . As you can imagine catching salmon this week is nearly impossible . The Cains River is in even worse shape , it will drop quicker but not likely before the 15th . On a positive note the upland hunting isd going great . There are better numbers of grouse compared to 2008 and as the woodcock flights pick up we expect to have a good week . Hunting conditions will improve next week as the leaves drop.


  1. Buddy Day says:

    Keith………We were fishing the pool at Taxis River October 1- 4, and on October 3rd we hooked 7 and landed 4 salmon with average weights of 15-18#. We have been fishing the Boiestoen area for over 50 years and I have never seen so many salmon compared to the grisle in the river. We saw very few grisles show during are stay as compared to other years.

    We lucked out and had good fishing that one day between rain storms.

    With the large run of large salmon it appears that the fishing will remain great for the near future.

    Thanks for your web site and the info, Buddy Day

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