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Wilson’s Miramichi Flood watch May 1st

Flood waters on the Miramichi at McNamee have begun to come down already . Since yesterday at 7pm the water levels at McNamee have come down app 10 inches and is already beginning to clear up . We are still close to 4 feet above normal so it will be a day or so before we are back on the water with fly rod in hand .
The big difference between the Saint John River and the Miramichi River is that our river is much smaller coming out of central New Brunswick where it runs on a much steaper gradiant towards the ocean . The Saint John is also influenced by the Bay Of Fundy tides that actually hold the flood waters back during high tide .
It is important to note that the water level at McNamee will be dropping much sooner than the lower reaches of the river , i.e . Blackville area . The upper parts of the watershed allways drop off first . You should check with your outfitter or guide in the area that you plan to fish in order to get an acurate assessment .


  1. Gil Roussel says

    Has it ever happened that salmon get trapped on the banks when the river floods over?

    In response to Gils question, yes it happens sometimes when the water is very high such as now . There are low areas within these islands that are called bogans , that sometimes have an inlet open to the river all year that will allow the fish to retreat back to the river once the water drops . But there are other bogans that have no opening to the river therefore when the water drops off the fish will become trapped . I personally have not seen salmon in these types of bogans but Ernest Long , who began guiding at Wilson’s for my grandfather over 45 years ago , has witnessed this . EJ mentioned this fact just this morning while he and I were checking on our boats and measuring the high water situation .

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