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Wilson’s Miramichi River Report May 26th

Atlantic salmon fly-fishing conditions and report for the Miramichi River at McNamee on May 26th. The stage is set with perfect water and weather to have a great June . We are getting into a few local trout ( 10 – 14 inches ) fishing the evening after a warm day , but no sign of the big boy’s yet . The Rocky Brook Run Atlantic’s will soon be here too so get your chores done up and be prepared to spend some quality time on the water during the month of June . Garrett , Dillon and I had a good trip to the Cains this past weekend fishing the brooks , there were hundreds of small trout ( all released ) but the highlight for the boys was when I went headfirst into a beaver dam .


  1. Gil Roussel says

    I’ll have to ask you to explain that one in a little more detail for the benefit of your fan base here in Toronto…

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