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Excellent Cains River Fishing Maps

Cains River sea-run brook trout enthusiasts , check these maps out , posted under Cains River on the side bar on my home page . Go to the link , bring up what map section you wish to see then go to the bottom of the photo and hit the green arrow to zoom in to full size .They were produced by DNR back in the 1960’s so some of the names may have changed by now and the new roads may not be marked , but it shows very clearly the river and pools . It would be well worth your effort to explore some of these harder to reach pools . With all the new roads in that area now most pools will not be more than 20 minutes walk . Todays most popular ( easy access ) pools like Wildcat , Acadia Bridge , Otter Brook and Blue Rock are being heavily fished and as a result the good fishing will drop off very soon , and unfortunately we will begin to see fish dieing as a result of this heavy pressure . Please do your part to conserve this fantastic resource by relieving some of the pressure on the pools .

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