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Cains River fishing report July 5th


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The big water on the Cains this last week messed up the fishing for some folks but for Bob and Dale the big raise only forced them to change tactics and the results were fantastic . The boy’s got into 10 nice trout ( 16 – 21 inches ) as pictured here in a pool that is never looked at under normal water conditions . As suspected the trout were out of their summer pools obviously in search of food , and it must have been big bugs or mice because all the trout taken were on extra large bombers and rat faced mcdougals . They fished Wildcat as well but nothing seen nor taken down on the turn . The high water might not be too good for anglers but it sure gives the trout a much needed break , unless you are as smart as Bob and Dale who seem to know where to go for high water fishing .


  1. The “Smart” part was the fact that I work on the site here with Keith and have been reading his reports all season and have have learned from his years of experience.

    The river was up 12 to 15 inches our first night so we focused on the fast edge beside some slack water. Early evening big dryfly’s got the attention of a couple small trout, enough to show a first timer the proper netting and release of these beautiful fish. Next a couple of those 16 inch trout confirmed our technique was on track.

    Since we had located a hot spot we chose to rest it for a bit and return at dusk (great chance to enjoy some refreshment and plan our attack for later). At that time in the evening when things calmed and the flies were at their peak we tried again. After a couple casts Dale placed his big dry on the sweet spot and the battle was on. Perfect fight, quickly to net, one quick photo and Dale walked away shaking from excitement. Trophy of a lifetime.

    As a confirmed photo nut with lots of camera equipment I must add that the desire to safely release these fish trumped getting any photos. Most fish were landed/released with the camera 10 ft away on a rock. We did manage a quick shot of the fish above, although not posed properly. We walked away with lots of memories and the great feeling that we battled these fish and did everything possible to ensure we can return to same paradise next year.

    Another of Keith’s secrets was to hit several pools. We tried several on both the lower and upper stretch and saw fish at all pools although the high water made some tough to put a fly over. The big name pools were a bust, most fish were caught exploring with an open mind as compared to beating a pool someone else had luck in.

    Once again, hats off to Keith for sending us in the right direction for the conditions and the “Smarts” to make the adventure one to remember.

    Bob Gillespie

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