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Wilsons & Stewarts Guiding in the 40’s


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Pictured here is Murray Wilson holding the flash light , brother Tom holding the gaff , unkown lucky guest holding the huge salmon and guide Pat Stewart holding the fishing rod . The Stewart clan guided side and side with the Wilson family for nearly 100 years and continue today as Joe Stewart , Harrold & Christies son, guides for Keith & Karl . This photo hangs in our lodge today and it always brings the question from the onlooker, what is the significance of the flashlight ? The photo was taken in the mid morning facing the rising sun , so no need of a light that time of day . So it is our guess that Pat Stewart , the guide , had to call in backup late the night before as darkness overtook the pair trying to land this big fish , so Murray held the light while Tom gaffed the fish . Notice also that none of the men have their fishing gear on when the photo was taken . So readers , it is important to always take your camera to the river , you never know what interesting story will be told , or as in this case guessed at many years from the day . Stay tuned for a series of old pictures airing in the coming weeks .

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