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Learn Your Lesson The Hard Way


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Take it from someone who lives and breaths fly-fishing , always listen to your guide . Last week I was writing about the hazards of fishing with a trout rod and the problems you run into when hooking a large salmon , well last night I did it again , I ended up with my 5wt. trout rod in hand and that was not bad on the first four fish hooked , they were all grilse . But right at dark when I should have been heading home I rolled a fish four times and of course on the fifth swing , after I shortened up app.18inches I hooked into a big silver 12 pound hen . Believe me a 5wt trout rod is not the rig for handling this size of salmon and to make matters worse I was alone in a canoe in the dark , so I crank the drag down and reeled her as close as possible but then the rod snapped and I was in real trouble then . The heavy tippet I had put on would not break and with my luck the fish was hooked solidly in the jaw bone , so no coming off easy on a slack line . After five or ten more minutes I was able to hand line it in close enough to get a net under her , the only way I could see the fish was when she had her mouth open . Good thing for me that I fish with Orvis equipment , they have one of the best warranties ( 25 Years ) in the industry today so I will have a new trout rod in hand within ten days free of charge . But believe me this time , I will not be fishing with my trout rod again for salmon , I learned the hard way .

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