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are you worried about the cost of supporting your Atlantic Salmon fishing addiction in 2009 ?

Please consider the following facts :

* Wilson’s on the Miramichi River is one of the most economically priced Salmon fishing lodges in the world

* compare our rates to fishing in Russia , Norway , Iceland and even Quebec .

* The US > CDN exchange rate is app. 25% in your favor today . We quote in CDN funds .

* Wilson’s is just a days drive by car from New York and Boston

* 2008 was the best season since the mid 1980’s and it promises to be as good or better for MSW salmon in 2009

* Wilson’s own’s some of the finest private salmon fishing pools on the river ( 5 miles – 16 pools) and we fish small groups resulting in no crowds and no line ups .

* Wilson’s has been in business since 1855, we know a thing or two about catching Atlantic Salmon .

* Wilson’s guides can make you a better angler .

………..I invite you to fish Wilson’s in 2009, it is going to be great fishing and more affordable than most other Salmon fishing destinations .

Sincerely yours, Keith Wilson

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