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Wilson’s Miramcihi River Report for April 26th

The last few days have been very interesting . We have one angler in camp that did not touch a fish ( except for tons of trout ) on the 24th , one salmon on the 25th and then this morning he landed seven , four of which were big shiny jumping hen salmon . All luck today was on small black whooly buggers with a a slow sink line . Now the weird part , yesterday JR and I headed to Blackville , and for obvious reasons with high hopes of hitting it big . We fished Balckville to the mouth of Renous and never touched a fish , and we talked to at least ten boats that had the same luck . And what the hell , we even tried trolling like everyone else there but still nothing .The thought down there is that the fish had all left , which we agreed to , until I returned to McNamee today to hear about the luck here . Who knows eh!


  1. Barry Bransfield says:

    Hi Keith.This has been a funny black salmon season indeed.
    While my luck was not as good as my fishing buddy Jason Lyons…we had a fantasic weekend.Many salmon(mostly grilse) and trout were caught during the “Mayfly hatch” on size 14 dry Mayfly pattern and also on other dry flies(brown bombers and Royal Wulff).I had heard about it(ie mayflies and spring salmon) but never experienced it.The weekend before we were fishin sinking lines and big flies.
    Hopefully we get some water soon.
    Good Luck to you and your guests!

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